Hot Water Heater Repair Moreno Valley

Hot Water Heater Repair Moreno Valley

Hot Water Heater Repair Moreno Valley

Call us for professional hot water heater repair or replacement – Don’t take a chance on installing or repairing a hot water heater yourself

Hot Water Heater Repair or Installation

Hot Water Heater Installation Experts In Austin And Surrounding Areas

hot water tank repairs austin txWe offer installation, maintenance and repair services for all major water heater brands. We provide excellent professional service, to ensure that your water heater issues are worked on promptly. If you are interested in tankless hot water heaters, please call us in advance so a qualified technician can review review your existing installation.

Our expert service technicians are experienced and trained at water heater troubleshooting and replacement.

Faulty Hot Water Heaters are Dangerous


hot water heater damageOne of the things that homeowners fear the most is the possibility that their hot water heater could explode. Of all the Do-it-Yourself projects that a homeowner might undertake, the installation of a hot water heater is the most risky because a mistake could have deadly consequences. It is not worth the risk to save a few dollars. Hire a professional to repair or replace your hot water heater.

General Causes for Catastrophic Hot Water Heater Failures

  • Improper adjustment of temperature and pressure controls
  • Altered safety valves or relief valves
  • Work performed by unqualified or untrained personnel Check a license!
  • Lack of routine inspection and proper maintenance
  • Improper installation
  • Lack of proper controls and safety devices

What Home Owners Should Do To Minimize the Potential of a Catastrophic Failure

  • On hot water heaters, it is recommended to manually lift the relief valve every two months and at the least once a year to ensure they open freely
  • Due to the relatively low cost of safety valves for this service, it is recommended that a defective valve be replaced with a new valve if the valve does not open easily or close tightly
  • Make sure your hot water heater has a relief device that protects the heater from excessive pressure AND temperature. Pressure & temperature relief valves (commonly known as PT valves) are noticeably different from a regular relief valve due to its long protruding temperature element attached to the inlet of the valve.
  • Regardless of the condition of the “PT Valve”, replace the pressure & temperature relief valve on your hot water heater every three years.
  • Maintain a temperature setpoint not to exceed 180°F on any heating boiler or hot water heater. Water temperature should NEVER exceed 212°F on these units. Hot water heater failures with water temperatures exceeding 212°F can result in catastrophic explosions that can level homes.

Hot Water Heater Repair Moreno Valley CA

Hot Water Heater Repair Moreno Valley


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